Skull & Shackles (Mavrickindigo)

Next adventure survey

arrange the top three choices from each question in order from most wanted to least wanted.

A. Would you rather we continue with Skull & Shackles or try something else?
1. Continue (would definintely need time to set things up) Steve, Mike
2. Something else

B. If we continued, what would you want to do?
1. Adventure Hook from the book- Steve, Mike
2. Sandbox the shackles- Steve, Mike
3. Other (please explain)-

C. If adventure hook from the book
1. Hunt for the First Treasure
2. Leng Ships
3. On the Isle of the Blood Queen
4. Returning Chelish Fleet – YES STEVE, Mike
5. Sargavan Renegotiation
6. Usurpers
7. A Titan Emerges- YES STEVE, Mike

D. If something other thatn Skulls And Shackles, what would you want to do?
1. Another Adventure Path Mike
2. Modules (continuing that module campaign) Mike
3. A Ravenloft Campaign- EW We’ve kinda overdone that campaign STEVE
4. Emerald Spire Superdungeon

E. List the top three adventure paths you’d want to do
Horror one wasn’t bad

F. If Ravenloft, do you want to play
1. Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
2. House on Gryphon Hill
3. Both Together

G. If both together, do you want to want to
1. Play Expedition first, then Gryphon Hill?
2. Play them both at the same time?



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