Grand Audacity


The Grand Audacity

The Grand Audacity to be commissioned as an Audacity to All of the Chelish Navy the Largest Sailing Ship to date. It was built from fallen vessels: ??, ??, The Dominator, The Sea Jackel, The Red Wish, and a Robotic Clockwork Leviathan.
It is a Four decker Man o War with a high sterncastle containing both a quarter deck and a pop deck. The ship is twice the length and width of a normal sailing ship.
Its four decks support 3 decks of fire power and the last deck is for storage and crew quarters.

When ship is finished

Colossal ship COST
Squares 14 (60 ft. by 210 ft.)
AC ; Hardness 11
hp 7452 (sails 1800)
Base Save +
Maximum Speed 100 ft. (wind); Acceleration 30 ft. 80ft when waterborne traveling
Ramming Damage 10d8 X 2
Propulsion wind or current
Sailing Check Profession (sailor)
Control Device steering wheel (Hardness 10 50 HP)
Rudder (Hardness 10 100 HP)
Means of Propulsion 450 squares of sails (Four Masks)
Mask: (Hardness 10 600 HP)
Crew 80
Decks 4
Cargo/Passengers 500 tons/ 400 passengers
+ 7 to sailing check

40 large direct fire siege weapons on main deck, deck 1, deck 2 20 facing each side per deck
4 large 2 huge or One gargantuan on front and stern
Increased Cargo Capacity, Magic enchanted increased size Rudder and steering wheel.
80 concealed weapon ports, sturdy hull, silk sails, extra large ram, extended Keel, rapid deploy sails, Armored crafted from a mechanical sea serpent.
3000 (9000) worth of extra fanciness added for fluff.
200 worth of passenger space was sacrificed this was to make private rooms for each of the officers/PCs and a lab for Dr. five and a full brig able to house 150.
The ship has a working shower system and a sprinkler system to put out fires.

147 crew currently
Base Inventory:
120 oil of magic of weapon
120 potion of cure light
120 light crossbow 20 bolts
120 cutlass
120 boarding pike
800 ballista bolts
4 firewyrm ammuniation

Deck 1 40 balistas
Deck 2 40 balistas
Deck 3 40 balistas
Front 1 Firewyrm
Stern 4 cannons


So the ship is based off of the Ship of the Line the HMS Victory
The ship is basically if you combined 5 sailing ships. For base cost I did the ship as 50000 (5 sailing ships) although so no one would argue over hp I did hp as 4 ships and sails as 5 ships in hp.

The Ram does 15d8 and the dragon head on the front of the ship that breathes fire. Since the ship is two ships by two ships I figure the crew is 80 this does not include the crew for the weapons. Since the ship is 5 times the total size I did crew and cargo as five times. Tried to be as fair as possible. The rudder is time four because it needs to be twice the size just for the width and length of the boat and then to actually do the normal rules to make it slightly bigger it cost another 2 times.

Lire of building and Dr. Five to instruct the lyre player on how to build the ship. We’re paying for the ship were providing the 25000 in supplies for the ship and were solving the drought problem had there by giving scibs a decanter of endless water. We are friendly with scibs and were going to try to take care of the bee problem.

The expensive thing is really going to be to craft the cannons over the course of the adventures to eventually replace all of the bilistas that we are going to build, steal and buy.

Grand Audacity

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