Strange Visitor from the Sky


Kreplar and his expedition come from somewhere beyond Golarion, in order to warn the people there of the machinations of the Dark Tapestry. He was born in the vast reaches of space, before landing in The Shackles, where he and his siblings ran into the Hellblood upon maturation.

Kreplar was found and rescued byKraugh Ebonfeather and was nearly drowned. The party wasn’t sure what it was when they brought it on board the wor Wormwood, but the odd creature said it had tidings of doom concerning something called the Great Old Ones. Kreplar claims to come from the sky, and was last seen going withBarnabas Harrigan into his cabin, where he divulged the information of his first encounter with humans. Harrigan tricked the Flumph into thinking he was sympathetic to his cause in order to get this information.

Number Six decided to tell Kreplar that Harrigan was a pirate and that he was lying to Kreplar about helping him. The android told the Flumph to hide in the hold while they raided the Man’s Promise.

When the Wormwood left the Man’s Promise, Kreplar snuck out, flying over the sea in order to catch up with the other ship, since he no longer trusted Harrigan. His arrival gave the party the distraction they needed to kill Jaundiced Jape andSlippery Syl Lonegan.

After the mutiny, he made it clear that he intended to leave the ship when they reach the next port. He wished to stop at Rickety’s Squibs, but he was ostracized by the public and went back to the ship to sleep. Unfortunately, he did not leave before the Audacity set sail, leaving him on the ship.

Kreplar returned multiple times, most recently under the employ of Trevor


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