Arron Ivy

Chelish Castaway


Arron Ivy was aboard the Infernus when it crashed into Bonewrack Isle. While his fellow crew and passengers became ghouls, he built himself a fort and eked out a living there, gathering furnishings from the ships to secure his life.

Later, Edward washed ashore, and Ivy suspected the Duergar would be of like mind. He told Edward about his story, but when the two got into a heated argument about the ways of Cheliax, he banished Edward to the other side of the island.

He could not bear to live anymore in a place where no rescue would come, so he fashioned himself a noose and set to hang himself. Unfortunately, while he swung from the gallows, he succumbed to ghoul fever and returned to life as a ghast, swinging from his perch.

It was there that the party discovered him, and burned him and his fortress down in Alchemist’s fire.

Arron Ivy

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