The following be a list of traits ye can take when makin’ a character for this high seas adventure. Remember, when ye create a character, ye take two traits that will be a part of yer character’s backstory.

Ye can take any traits from the Skull & Shackles Players Guide or any of the non-campaign-specific traits from the “Advanced Players Guide.” There also be a wealth o’ traits to be found in the Advanced Race Guide, if ye wish ter have traits specific ter yer race.

Aside from that, there be various traits from around the campaign setting books that can suit yer fancy. The following be a few recommended ones, for your browsing pleasure.

Home Port You have a fondness for a particular port, and the people who live and do business there return the sentiment. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information in your chosen home port.
Hurricane Savvy You are used to sailing in the terrible winds that roll out from the Eye of Abendego, and can apply the skills you’ve learned to any storm. You treat wind effects as one wind force category less than they actually are, both for any personal checks you must make and for any you make to captain or steer a ship.
Narrow Escape You wer captured by kuru cannibals and nearly devoured in a sacrificial ritual. At the last second, you wriggled free from your bonds and escaped into the jungle. Your narrow escape has left you with a paranoid fear of capture. You secretly conduct regular sessions in which you slip out of different types of knots. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Escape Artist checks, and Escape Artist becomes a class skill for you.
Ship Aptitude You are used to crewing on many of the different types of ships that sail the Shackles. AS a result, you have a knack for quickly determining the weaknesses and strengths of any ship, even ones you’ve never set foot on before. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Profession (sailor) checks, and Profession (Sailor) becomes a class skill for you.


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