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  • Audacity

    The Audacity started its life as the "Man's Promise," a [[Rahadoum | Rahadoumi]] vessel captured by [[:barnabas-harrigan | Barnabas Harrigan]]. He gave it to[[:mister-plugg | Mister Plugg]] with the intent of having it sold, but Mister Plugg had other …

  • Wormwood

    The Wormwood is the ship of[[:barnabas-harrigan | Free Captain Barnabas Harrigan]]. It is a three-masted sailing ship, 100 feet long from stem to stern, and 30 feet wide amidships. The party finds itself press-ganged into service here after a night at …

  • Hellblood

    The Hellblood is a feared ship in [[The Shackles | The Shackles]]. It and its crew sail around searching for ancient artifacts, and even the most hardy pirates fear them. [[:barnabas-harrigan | Barnabas Harrigan]] sought information of them from [[: …

  • Man's Promise

    The Man's Promise is a ship from [[Rahadoum | Rahadoum]] that was attacked by the [[Wormwood | Wormwood]]. It's captain was killed and it's crew captured.

  • Infernus

    The Infernus is a [[Cheliax | Chelish]] ship that crashed upon the reefs of [[Bonewrack Isle | Bonewrack Isle]]. The ship housed ghouls, which escaped and infected many of the passengers and crew, populating the island with the undead.

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