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  • Isabella "Inskin Locke"

    Isabella "Inkskin" Locke wears little in the way of clothing, the better to show off her many tattoos, including a large stylized sea snake tattoo on her left hip and abdomen. More crudely rendered tattoos crowd the rest of her flesh, principally sharks …

  • The Matron

    The Matron is in charge of the Sahuagin eggs. She tried to fight off the crew of the Audacity, only to be knocked out and captured by the crew.

  • Krelloort

    Krelloort was the leader of the Sahuagin tribe located in Mancatcher Cove. He lived in the treasure room of Captain Cyrus Wolfe. He and his men attacked ships, stealing what they wanted and living rather comfortably. Eventually he would meet [[:isabella- …

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