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  • Slithering Coast

    The Slithering Coast runs along the southern edge of the mainland of [[The Shackles | The Shackles]]. For some reason, [[:barnabas-harrigan | Barnabas Harrigan]] lead the [[Wormwood | Wormwood]] there.

  • Inner Sea

    The Inner Sea is one of the most traveled and populated bodies of water in [[Golarion | Golarion]]. It is to and from this body of water that many ships that pass through [[The Shackles | the Shackles]] head toward, and as such, make the Shackles a prime …

  • Rickety's Squibs

    Rickety's Squibs is a small port on the [[Slithering Coast | Slithering Coast]] run by [[:rickety-hake | Rickety Hake]]. There the pirates of [[The Shackles | The Shackles]] can get their ships refitted so they are not recognizable.

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