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  • Sefina

    Sefina is a Nereid who lives in the Island of Empty Eyes. [[:number-six | Number Six]] ran into her during his search of the island. She proved to be friendly and wanted to learn a lot about Six. She sees Six as her friend.

  • Daughters of Imerta

    The Daughters of Imerta are giant half-fiend harpies that live on the Island of Empty eyes. There were six of them, but four of them were killed by the crew of the Grand Audacity. They apparently have a long rivalry/hatred with the Cyclopes of the island.

  • Gargoyle Scouts

    The Gargoyle Scouts are a group of gargoyles that lived in the cyclopean ruins in the Island of Empty Eyes. There were six, but one was killed. As a last ditch effort, [[:roger-d-bell | Roger D. Bell]] parlayed with the remaining ones and was able tohave …

  • Unlas

    Unlas was one of the cyclopes to live in the ruins situated in the Island of Empty Eyes. She fought with their leader, but was spared, being the last one conscious. She joined forces with the crew of the Audacity and they named her the chief liason …

  • Ishtoreth

    Ishtoreth was the leader of the cyclopes living on the Island of Empty Eyes. He was a great Cyclops who wished to perserve the heritage of his people, but his hunger and rage kept him from being able to do that effectively. When confronted with the crew …

  • Shaija

    Shaija is one of the leaders among the cyclopes on the Island of Empty Eyes. She hates outsiders and tried to kill the crew of the Audacity even after they had slain her leader, [[:ishtoreth-1 | Ishtoreth]]. Eventually seeing no way out of the situation, …

  • Ederleigh Baines

    Ederleigh Baines arrived on the Island of Empty Eyes with [[:bikendi-otongu-1 | Bikendi Otongu]], and after the aftermath of the Cyclops attack, was stuck in the old abandoned fort. With all of the horrors such as undead and extraplanar beings haunting …

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