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  • Rosie Cusswell

    Short but fierce, Rosie Cusswell has more muscles than most of the crew, and a fouler mouth than all of them put together. Rosie is from [[Port Peril | Port Peril]], and like the party was impressed onto the [[Wormwood | Wormwood’s]] crew. She has been on …

  • Tilly Brackett

    Tilly had worked with the party a few times on their first few days on the[[Wormwood | Wormwood]]. When [[:number-six | Number Six]] tried to assassinate [[:master-scourge | Master Scourge]], she was out on the deck during the rain, thus making her a …

  • Badger Medlar

    Badger was among the crew behind [[:master-scourge | Master Scourge]] when he first woke the party up. After more than two weeks aboard the [[Wormwood | Wormwood]], Badger went in league with [[:master-scourge | Master Scourge]].

  • Shivikah

    Shivikah was among the crew that led the party up to the deck on their first day. When [[:annalae | Annalae]] tried to talk to her, Shivikah dismissed her as someone she would have sold in her old position as a slaver. She enjoys playing games of …

  • Maheem

    [[:roger-d-bell | Roger D. Bell]] tried to be friendly to Maheem, but Maheem would have nothing of it. He remained quiet and unpopular among the party until he was saved by fellow crewmembers from a giant crab. He learned that they were a crew together …

  • Dungrin

    A handsome dwarf who leans upon a weathered driftwood staff. He joined the party's crew at [[Rickety's Squibs | Rickety's Squibs]].

  • Glasha

    An orcish female with soft features that makes her less of an intimidating force than most of her kin. She joined the party's crew at [[Rickety's Squibs | Rickety's Squibs]].

  • Pelilia

    The party discovered Pelilia at a false fey grove outside [[Rickety's Squibs | Rickety's Squibs]]. They had stumbled into a role-play she was involved in and offered her to join the crew when they thought she was a Nymph. She agreed, but only on the …

  • Selissa

    Selissa is a Naga from the [[Slithering Coast | Slithering Coast]], whose home was dried up by a drought. She attacked [[Rickety's Squibs | Rickety's Squibs]] in madness and frustration, but was fought off by the party, and convinced to join the crew by …

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