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  • The Shackles

    The Shackles is a series of islands and home of the Free Captains. Piracy abounds and there's treasure to be had here.

  • Varisia

    Varisia is a country to the north and mostly made up of untamed frontier. The Varisian people are travelers and move across the world by caravan, trading goods and telling fortunes in this dark age. They are most known for their bright and flashy clothes …

  • Rahadoum

    Rahadoum is a nation run under the law of man. It banned religion from its land in order to protect itself from the warring faiths. It conducts trade around the Shackles and their vessels are common targets for pirates.

  • Cheliax

    Cheliax is the most powerful nation on[[Golarion | Golarion]]. It controls most of the [[Inner Sea | Inner Sea]] region, but pales in comparison to its formal glories. It is a nation that used to spread its civilization and knowledge throughout the world …

  • Andoran

    Andoran is a country in [[Avistan]] known for its freedom loving and slave-fighting knights.

  • Sargava

    Sargava is a country in [[Garund]] and a former colony of [[Cheliax]]. Many merchant ships that pass through [[The Shackles]] head there to do their business.

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