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  • Arron Ivy

    Arron Ivy was aboard the [[Infernus | Infernus]] when it crashed into [[Bonewrack Isle | Bonewrack Isle]]. While his fellow crew and passengers became ghouls, he built himself a fort and eked out a living there, gathering furnishings from the ships to …

  • Kyan Kain

    Kyan Kain is a high ranking member of the [[Cheliax | Chelish]] marines and serves on the Dominator. He seems to have contempt for his captain, but serves under her regardless.

  • Druvalia Thrune

    Druvalia Thrune is a noble of Cheliax and the Admiral of the Chelish Fleet that plans to attack the Shackles. She had, at some point, come into contact with[[:barnabas-harrigan | Barnabas Harrigan]], and secured his services as a spy for Cheliax. She …

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