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  • Tesha Umbertine

    Tesha Umbertine, one of the rare dwarves in "Bloodcove":http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Bloodcove , serves as the port's Dockmaster. Unlike many of her race, she loves boats and ships of all types and is fascinated by sea travel. Umbertine has a vast …

  • H the Thief

    H is a thief that goes to various cities. He noticed the crew of the Audacity in Bloodcove and followed them around, actually helping Six cover up a murder, but he warned them to not stay in Bloodcove too long. He then helped them escape when they were …

  • Mr. Monopoly

    "Mr. Monopoly" is a mysterious villain who was talking to the shopkeepr, Jim Sr., who worked in Bloodcove. He apparently kidnapped Jim Jr, his son, and was planning on selling the party back their weapons at double the price

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