Skull & Shackles (Mavrickindigo)

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Report from the First Mate
Fireday, Sarenith 21, 4713

Captain, the Boatswain tells me that the mission at Port Peril was wildly successful. He discovered a good number of abled-bodied men and women to join us on our ship at the Formidably Maid. It’s a rag-tag group to be sure, with things of all shapes and sizes. The Boatswain informs me that he put a group of them in the brig together while he separated the rest. I don’t like the look of ‘em, myself, but I’m sure he and I can straighten them out soon enough. All-in-all, we’ve added seven or eight new hands to the crew and we’re ready for you to come down and meet them.

Sarenith 19, 4713

Personal Log:
I have arrived in Port Peril I will hone my skills in throughout the world to continue my mission of perfection. The flesh bags here are host to an array of foul smells i conclude that port Peril is named so due to a lack of soap and disipline. In the local watering hole i have located work. I am to terminate a rat of dire proportions. I will not eat or sleep till this task is complete.

First Day on the Wormwood (Six)

Personal Log: I have been captured along with others. I awoke on the Wormwood at first i resisted the idea of being captured as i could jump ship and just swim to shore although it might take several weeks. I have determined at this point i am out matched and out gunned by the crew so i will do what i can to gain there trust and favor. Two of the people on the ship may be allies they are the people who i first woke up on the ship with. I saved on of them on some kind of climbing test. The one i saved is a birdman that seems to be suffering from some kinda disease. My cooking although it provided nutrional support was not well recieved by the crew but i had an idea on how i could get much more food. That night while others enjoyed there rest i spent several hours collecting food. I have seen other ships eat barricles and enjoy them and with the dead body of a theif i was able to use it as bait and attract a shark. It was my first time fighting a shark it is much better trophy than a rat. The morning bell just rang i have to head upstairs to a meeting and i need to take my weapons back to the quartermaster………

Fireday, Sarenth 21, 4713
Day One Aboard the Wormwood

From the Journal of Kraugh Ebonfeather
I awoke in the hold of what I would come to learn as the Wormwood, next to a Strange Metal Man and some swashbuckler. Before I could figure out what happened, the Boatswain, Master Scourge, came in and led us all abovedeck where we met Captain Barnabas Harrigan. He told us to stay queit, but the metal Man, “Number Six” was talking, so Scourge whipped him. The Captain put his first mate, Mister Plugg, in charge and Plugg had us climb the rigging to the crow’s nest. Everyone laughed at me and I almost fell, but Mister Six saved me.

I was assigned a job as a swab, where I meta grim man in the bilges. He didn’t take too kindly to me. I was so tired from cleaning that place, but at least I had a nice meal at the galley. We met a nicelady who gave us back some of our stuff. But after dinner and rum, I was tired. So I went to sleep.

The Last few Days aboard the Wormwood

The last few days we have been successful at making new allies aboard the Wormwood. I have realized that Master Sourge seems to delight in our failures which have been few. I spent some time with some halflings pumping water. I have no direct feelings one way or the other towards them but the one seems to have a better dispostion towards me since i got them there instrument back i’m not sure how it is needed by them but it seems to have improved there ability to get tasks done. I have aquired some form of larger than normal spider i’ve been using it to harvest venom. The others seem to be doing well the witch seems to have a knack for completing tasks while doing little to no actual physical labor involved. The crow however seems to have a difficult time with much other than getting beaten. Well on to another day of work.


Things we going smoothly aboard the wormwood until i made my attempt on Master Scourge i was so close to his demise but i was robbed of it when one of the ship officers woke up in the night and it ruined my momment. I am now in it deep. I may have to escape the ship soon. Luck is not on my side.

Cheating Death

So i have managed to survive my bought with death aboard the vessel. Although my adversary seemed to be enhanced i quickly dispatched her and shown my self as quite a combatant i need to watch my self as if i am caught the captain has said he will personally deal with me.

Ninja's 1 Pirates 0

Its been a few days not much has really happened i continue to make as many poisons as possible. We had an exercise in rigging. I got to embarass the one officer but it just has been an uneventful couple days. Hopefully something happens otherwise i will need to resume my trying to kill scourge.

The Ship Has Been Taken!

The Other day a ship was spotted on the horizon. After a days chase we caught up the merchant vessel. I and the others were selected to board the ship and to have two jobs one to take the helm and two to prevent anyothers from fleeing the ship. We were most successful in our task and managed to capture an officer of the vessel.


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