Skull & Shackles (Mavrickindigo)

Audio Log May 21 2014
Suprise, Steve!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Zip File

Operations Going as planned

See secret

Dear Six

See Secret

The hunt

IT seams where off once more after some time doing supply runs we now know the location of the legendary Cyrus Wolfe’s treasure though thatcaster was somewhat annoying the damn plat on the island was far worse. Looks liek well have to explore these caves to find the loot though the Sahuagin thats guiding us seams somewhat less stupid then his fellows well soon see what else lies in wait in this lair.

Experiment 1

So into my office arrives today arrived a kenku with a broken leg. After removing the broken bone from the leg. I went about glueing it back together. During the surgery the pain was a little too much for the kenku an he passed out not before revealing that he worked under a pirate captain. For a long time it has been my goal to board a pirate vessel. Merchandising after all is the best way for me to fund my experiments. …….

The Captain has made me Ships Doctor and Engineer its time to start performing some surgery……

Worst day ever part 2
in the mind of edward

Smashed the whore leaders fingers lets see the bitch cast spells now rounded up the surivors, prisoners and headed back the the ship everyone seams fine except for that fox thing ..and TAM held a service on the ship for tow of them seams the captain wants to head back into town for some reason looked into the plot against us makes no sense everyone is triple setting up everyone else this is maddening weve set off all i knwo is if i ever see this town again ill give it a REAL REASON TO BE CALLED BLOODCOVE. raided some pissant village got some plunder and supplies good to be doing something again.


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