Skull & Shackles (Mavrickindigo)

Sarenith 19, 4713

Personal Log:
I have arrived in Port Peril I will hone my skills in throughout the world to continue my mission of perfection. The flesh bags here are host to an array of foul smells i conclude that port Peril is named so due to a lack of soap and disipline. In the local watering hole i have located work. I am to terminate a rat of dire proportions. I will not eat or sleep till this task is complete.

Report from the First Mate
Fireday, Sarenith 21, 4713

Captain, the Boatswain tells me that the mission at Port Peril was wildly successful. He discovered a good number of abled-bodied men and women to join us on our ship at the Formidably Maid. It’s a rag-tag group to be sure, with things of all shapes and sizes. The Boatswain informs me that he put a group of them in the brig together while he separated the rest. I don’t like the look of ‘em, myself, but I’m sure he and I can straighten them out soon enough. All-in-all, we’ve added seven or eight new hands to the crew and we’re ready for you to come down and meet them.

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