Krelloort was the leader of the Sahuagin tribe located in Mancatcher Cove. He lived in the treasure room of Captain Cyrus Wolfe. He and his men attacked ships, stealing what they wanted and living rather comfortably. Eventually he would meet Isabella “Inskin Locke”. He took a liking to her and she became one of his consorts. He provided Isabella with her ship, the Thresher, and would often let his son lead raiding parties.

That changed when his son was killed by Number Six. Krelloort became obsessed with making the crew of the Audacity pay, so he sent Isabella to attack them. What he did not realize was that he sent his enemies straight to his home, and they came upon him like a furious storm, killing and capturing all that they could and robbing the Sahuagin blind.

Captain Roger D. Bell decided the Sahuagin’s fate, having his fins and webs amputated and dragging the former chief to the Thresher before hooking him to the boat and leaving him to rot with his favored consort


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