Jack Scrimshaw

Young Man Talented with Scrimshaw


Jack Scrimshaw is the youngest crew member on the Wormwood, born Erastus 7, 4699, and has developed an infatuation with Annalae, having carved an image based on her as a Mermaid. She promised to explain to him about her religion.

Captain Bell made him his cabin boy. During the storm, Jack went above deck when he was below, and was chased by Sandara Quinn. The two of them disappeared in the wake of the Grindylow attack when Jack went to give Annalae a good luck trinket. Luckily he was rescued, though the Grindylows had nearly eaten at his flesh.

On Erastus 7, 4713, the crew first punished him for his transgressions, but then threw a party for him in his honor and in celebration of hi and Sandara’s safe return. Now that he is 14, he fancies himself a man.

In a drunken stupor, he made a move on Annalae, but she would not take advantage of him and just took him to bed so he could sleep. He hasn’t talked to her since.

He got his first taste of real combat when he helped Edward take down a hooker at Bloodcove who then gave him a shortsword.


Jack Scrimshaw

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