Barnabas Harrigan

Free Captain of the Wormwood


Barnabas Harrigan is the captain of the Wormwood and one of the most feared pirates of the Inner Sea. He apparently is so foul that he was denied a place in the pirate’s council. He greeted the party, welcoming him to service in his ship and doesn’t leave his cabin or interact with the lower-ranking members of his crew.

Increasingly, he’s been seen by the crew, but usually keeps to himself. Particularly, he likes the cut of Roger D. Bell’s Jib and gave Number Six a potion of cure moderate wounds for cooking up some reefclaws.

The captain wanted a special meal for some reason, and it turned out that he was feeding Kreplar in order to get the Flumph to tell him about any secrets that he knew. He found out that the alien had made contact with the corsairs of the Hellblood.

When the Man’s Promise came into view, Harrigan led the attack upon it, killing the captain and stealing his heart. During the battle, one of the sailors tried to attack him from behind, but Roger D. Bell warned him so he could take the sailor out.

After giving out the plunder, Harrigan gave Plugg control of the Man’s Promise, telling the First Mate to take it to Port Peril to sell it.

Afterwards, his ship was severely understaffed, and he tried to refill it at Port Peril before returning to Rickety Squibs.

Barnabas Harrigan

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