Skull & Shackles (Mavrickindigo)

Mans Promise Our Vessel

It is ironic that the name of the ship we are currently on is called the Man’s Promise cause i kept three promises this night. One was killing Plug, Second was wiping that smurk off Scourge’s face and three was removing the Grinch from the relm the living for trying to murder me. The Man’s Promise is now ours, we have great work ahead of us. We don’t have a large amount of supplies, so we must restock, we have a skeleton crew two few to run this vessel for long, we’ll need to get more hands at the next port, and we need to have the ship overhawled quickly to become a much different vessel. Much work is needed to be done quickly and our new Captain has gained a great weight on his shoulders. I have sworn allegiance to my new Captain…..Captain Bell. I have named myself First Mate unless someone decides to fight me for it…..


I think as a group we should pull excess money magic items and whatever treasure was aboard the ship to outfit it properly to make the vessel our first strenght and make sure we have plenty of supplies and a good situation for any crew we have that way we can work on building a strong good relationship with the crew.

Mans Promise Our Vessel

Once the ship is awesome then it’ll be easier to get treasure

Mans Promise Our Vessel

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